0.0 Destructive Metamorphosis of Innovation


While there has always been innovation, it would be cruel not admit abuse and squeezes ahead of demand, which have come to exhausting its true value, putting the intrinsic economic interest before their sole response capacity historically dependent on needs.

It’s been too easy to tag all innovative proposals when they have been partial and occasional patches of an outdated model, and long-term harmful.

That is why it detects a victimhood with real arguments in their process that throw us into a hole  that doesn’t attend to needs. Faced with this crisis in innovation the response will be so bold radical according to the alarming situation in which we find ourselves.

It would be interesting to answer a series of questions such as: Is innovation dependent on creation or is destruction the key to it? How do you build the path of creation based on destruction? How not to fall in victimhood of innovation?

Members of the group:
A.Becerra, C.Irala, M.Mancho, M.Parra. UFV Students
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Hello world! I am Theodora, a PhD Candidate in Design and Computation at the MIT Department of Architecture.In response to the SpainLab “Innovation in Architecture” provocation I will inquire into the implications of the evangelistic tautology of democratization and innovation, which is re-emerging in the “Open Source Architecture” rhetoric. The goal of my intervention is to stimulate a discussion around the role of computation and information technology in engendering new programmatic agendas in architectural design, “opening” it to the general public and to problematize the conceptual biases of the platforms supporting the participatory techno-utopias of today.


Academic Lab

Student Blog

The Academic Lab is composed by students of different national and international schools of architecture. As young innovators, they provide multiple academic lenses for innovation in architecture.

The Academic Lab members will be traveling to Venice during the opening of the Architecture Biennale to develop their projects and share their experience and will be gradually posting the process and results of their research.

These are the schools enrolled at the moment:
MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology / SA+P Department of Architecture
ETSAM, Polytechnic University of Madrid / Superior Technical School of Architecture
UEM, European University of Madrid / School of Architecture
IE University / School of Architecture & Design
IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
UFV, Francisco de Vitoria University / Polytechnic Superior School of Architecture
CEU, San Pablo University / Polytechnic Superior School of Architecture