Ecosistema Urbano

Dream your City:
a global creative set of new tools to rethink and transform local urban life.

As architects and urban designers who approach the city as a complex and multi-layered phenomenon, we realised that in recent years a deep transformation had occurred in the way architects interact with city-related issues.

Ecosistema Urbano is working on the research and development of tools that provide new opportunities for interaction and participation, enhancing creativity and incorporating the new technologies so that different groups can participate in different ways.

At Ecosistema Urbano we learned – by doing – that knowledge and creation are becoming hybrid and widespread phenomena which are transforming traditional closed and fixed structures into open and extremely flexible networked configurations.
Knowledge, creation, learning, society, culture, urban and architectural design: all these fields are getting closer to a network structure.

This trend of high connectivity network creation and complex dynamics is nothing other than an intrinsic feature of today’s world, and we believe that this model is revealing itself to be more suitable and efficient, particularly when it comes to innovation.

It also creates a new field of research and study that we have named ‘network thinking’ and defined as a network approach to the creation, design and development of projects, ideas, strategies.

We believe that in this new context citizens should somehow be incorporated as active agents, thereby avoiding the conventional scheme of client-spectator-recipient of a finished product and becoming acting-producing citizens of an open and augmented space that could be modified according to the users’ needs in time.

We really believe in people, in their inner creativity and in the power of collectivity. A new public space can either be something directly given to the city without any interaction with the people, or something that can be used as a unique opportunity to empower the links between the citizens, planting the seed for a collective future. This second option is more challenging and risky, but of course much more interesting.

The only way to activate a real network design process is to design an atmosphere which stimulates citizens’ actions and reactions, rather than offering conclusive oriented design and submitting the closed product for the citizens’ approval.

Understanding the city through its public spaces and sensitive areas in permanent transformation, capable of adapting over time to meet the various demands, defining spaces or platforms to support interaction and experimentation, Dream your City aims to inspire cities worldwide in the creation of new means of collective communication and interaction for rethinking and transforming urban life.