Menis arquitectos

Into the Wall

The proposal of Menis Arquitectos for the Venice Biennale 2012 allows the visitor to get inside a recently-formed concrete wall, an act that is made possible by the installation’s geometry. Outside, the wooden formwork warns that something is still in the process of setting on the other side. The installation’s geometry makes an already existing pavilion wall ‘disappear’ with a single gesture, as if dematerializing the geometric rigidity of whole. At the ends, visitors are able to get inside this wall and to experience, through the forms of the concrete, an insight into the architectural philosophy of Menis Arquitectos. The texture of this material is emphasized through the artisanal craftsmanship of mass and void, which encourages the visitor in this journey through timeless architecture.

The installation shows the new construction system of Menis Arquitectos, Foamglas, Lafarge and Shöeck in the Nowa Sala Koncertowa na Jordankach. This new combination of materials allows a double-skinned construction of reinforced concrete, structural on the inside and suspended on the outside. It is an innovation in architecture.