Scientific Lab

The Scientific Committee of SPAINLAB is composed by the following architects, educators, publishers and critics: Mohsen Mostafavi, Nader Tehrani, Yung Ho Chang, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Andreas Ruby and Francesco Dalco. This committee provides the critical and intellectual layer to the actual production of the SpainLab. Each of these professionals articulate their position regarding innovation in architecture through a set of short interviews and short response papers meant to create the necessary feedback.

The members of this committee contribute to the debate in innovation mainly in two different ways. First, through a brief answering questions such as “What innnovation means for you?”, “Which are the innovation referents today for architecture?” or “Who leads innovation today?”. (you can download the interview template). Secondly through a free-format critical work that gets deeper into the main theme of SpainLab, giving their own view on the subject.