Spain Lab

4 texts to get into the SPAINLAB

SPAINLAB MANIFEST, by Anton García-Abril and Débora Mesa Molina.

We work on a common ground but defending our own personal world is something we cannot avoid doing.

We are individual, not individualistic; but know how to insert ourselves in a bigger collectivity.

We innovate from tradition; our history and our culture is an always-fertile land, we do not ignore this.

We are adventurers; we have solid roots but are ready to conquer unknown territories.

We are not mere designers, we are builders; we like theory but express better through practice.

We design the process to guarantee a successful result. The other way round is much harder.

We are proud of our work, we actually love it, and we feel responsible for every phase of it.

We are prepared to confront big challenges; we understand Architecture is many times a risky business.

We must innovate; our compromise as architects is to make things better. And so…

Our office is a productive lab, where we continuously research and work hard to materialize our ideas, where the spatial experience at the service of people is the ultimate goal.

Welcome to SPAINLAB.