Metameme: Pepper Spray Cop Mosaic


What could possible be more awesome than an #OccupyData hackathon? That’s right: the Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop meme.

And what could be more awesome than a meme? That’s right: a metameme. One of our goals over the last couple of days has been to create just such a metameme. The basic idea is to start by generating a mosaic image of the Pepper Spraying Cop, composed of many tiny remixed Pepper Spraying Cop images. From our initial drawing on the whiteboard, we moved to start thinking about how to do a rapid implementation.

SeeĀ to follow the development

Update: [10.12.11 16.22] ET The game continues. Here some iterations from @numeroteca with metapixel:

Last iteration:

Third iteration with metapixel

The how to guide and steps:

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