Why participate in Occupy?

We used Many Eyes to visualize the responses to the survey question: “What is your top reason for participating in the Occupy Movement”?

For textual data, Many Eyes allows you to simply paste a large body of text into a field on their website.  To do this:

  1. Create an account. Create an account at Many Eyes; you will be sent an email to confirm your registration.
  2. Upload your data. Logging into Many Eyes, in the left-hand side of the main page you’ll see a link for “upload your data”. This will lead you to a page that will lead you the process in a straightforward manner.  If you’re analyzing simple text data, as we were, you can simply copy the text file you want to analyze, and paste it into the field provided.
  3. Create your visualization. After you have pasted in your data, and provided a name for your dataset, click “Create”.  This will lead you to page that provides you with various visualization options.  Above, we show the result that was generated by the “Word Cloud” option.

We’ve also generated a zipocc of the survey data, that simply contains the zip codes, latitude and longitude, and place names for people who responded to the survey.