Thanks for taking the OR general survey!

OccupyResearch has gathered over 5,000 surveys from across multiple sites, both f2f and online. We’re now moving to the data analysis stage, the first steps of which are:

1. anonymizing the responses (some people put their contact info in the final open ended question) and

2. coding the responses to a question about which physical Occupy camp/location people participated in.

Once 2. is complete, we can cut the data by camp and provide that subset to each Occupy (so the Oakland Occupy Research working group will get early access to all the data from Oakland occupiers, Occupy Boston gets Boston occupiers, etc). We’re planning to organize a webinar & resources to help teams from each Occupation analyze their own data. If you’re interested in that part of the process please join the wiki and get on the mailing list!

In the future, we’ll clean, code, and analyze the full results, release a report, and release the anonymized complete data set for others to analyze as they’d like (under a creative commons license). Thanks to everyone who has participated in this process so far!