Putting ORGS Data to Work – facilitating interoperability

Another team at the Boston Hackathon is using answers to the open ended, Question 42, “What are you trying to achieve with your participation in the Occupy Movement,” to mine the answers for commonly used language in order to source categories to organize information on Tech Ops.  The goal is to take make the categorization more intuitive, using common language from the 5k+ respondents to the survey.

OWS Tech Ops has been working to create the news aggregator at Newswire.Occupy.Net and the wiki at Occupy.net (http://wiki.occupy.net).

Occupiers are adding content to the wiki and a set of folks have been organizing it, adding categorization and structure.  Using the language of the survey respondents, this team will harmonize existing categories (created by the wiki team) with the language sourced from the much larger set of 5k+ respondents to ORGS.


Wiki http://wiki.occupy.net

The news aggregator currently pulls RSS feeds from occupation sites:



The team will try to use some of the same categorization for this site to make it more navigable.