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OccupyResearch at Left Forum

Occupy Research is organizing a panel at the upcoming Left Forum in NYC:

Occupy Research – Research by and for the Movement

This panel focuses on theoretical and practical developments around social movement research and research justice in the context of the Occupy Movement. Knowledge can be used to build and maintain, as well as to upset, power. Scholars and activists on the Left are working with the 99% to develop participatory research and include a broader base in the process of forming research questions, choosing methods, developing research tools, gathering, analyzing, and disseminating results. People are doing occupy research to:

* understand engagement with the movement, who is participating in Occupy, who is not participating, and why;

* challenge race, class, gender, sexuality, age, disability and other inequalities reproduced in the occupy movement;

* share ideas, strategies, and tactics;

* provide research and analysis to target the 1%;

* spread research skills, tools, and methods more broadly throughout the 99%

Panelists include scholars, movement researchers, and activists working with and as Occupiers around the country and transnationally to develop research projects including: surveys of visitors to and; a general survey in multiple locations and across borders; analysis of occupy as a racial project (see for more info). Panelists will discuss their research processes and methods, findings to date, plans for the future and the critical role of this work.


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Upcoming Occupy Research calls

There are two upcoming open conference calls connected to Occupy Research:

1. Occupy Research open conference call #10:

  • Tuesday, Feb 7th, 3pm Pacific / 6pm EST
  • Dial: register to call in at InterOccupy:   
  • (559) 546-1200, Meeting ID: 622-245-653 
  • Link to draft agenda:

2. Occupy Race research working group call #6:

  • Thursday, 2/16, 12pm ET/9am PT (1 hour)
  • Call-in number: 1 (800) 617-4268, PIN: 22988982
  • Propose agenda items and live notes:

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