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Occupy Research at Facing Race

Occupy Research is at Facing Race in Baltimore – check out this panel tomorrow at 11am!


Where is the Color in Occupy? Race, Class and Gender in the Occupy Movement


Kate Khatib, Editor, AK Press
Christine Schweidler, Research Director, DataCenter
Maria Poblet, Executive Director, Causa Justa :: Just Cause
Janée Woods Weber, Program Officer, Everyday Democracy

When a Canadian magazine, Adbusters, issued the call last summer to Occupy Wall Street, no one could predict the response that would follow.  Many have pointed to the lack of race-explicit analysis by the Occupy movement and the domination of white middle class participation.  Organizers of color involved with Occupy discuss how race is manifested in their city and how Occupy can lead with a race-explicit analysis.

“We Are Many” by AK Press includes Occupy Research survey summary

We’re happy to say that “We Are Many,” the edited Occupy volume by AK Press, includes a summary of findings from the Occupy Research General Demographic and Political Participation Survey (ORGS). Please read more about the book from editor Kate Khatib, then order your copy ASAP!