Archive: December, 2011

Occupy Research chat

We maintain a chat room in IRC (Internet Relay Chat) for realtime communication.

Join us via this link:

Or point your favorite chat client to, channel #occupyresearch.

tty there!


Occupy Research wiki

One tool we’ve use extensively to organize OccupyResearch is our wiki:

We’ll be migrating key sections of the wiki over here during the coming weeks, but currently there’s a lot more information available there than on this site. Check it out. Also note that anyone can join the wiki and edit it.

Preparing OccupyData Hackathon for Dec. 9th

This hackathon is part of the 3 day colective effort announced by R-Shief:

In solidarity with protestors around the world, #OccupyData is meant to serve as an intervention by offering experts and activists means to work together and think critically about the movement, its messages, and goals.

More info at:


We’ve decided to create a website for #OccupyResearch as a way to publish work that comes out  in a cleaner and easier way than the wiki. We will see how it evolves and evaluate its use in the future. For the moment you will find here announcements. We will have to figure out how not to duplicate information so that we do not have to update it in the wiki and here.